About Us

Excite IT is a full service IT solutions provider that assists its clients in developing and delivering practical IT strategies and IT services to support the smooth running of business operations.
Our philosophy is that excellent IT services should facilitate, not overtake, business activities.
We do this by creating effective, streamlined and tailored IT solutions and services.

Our extensive expertise in the finance and insurance industry also ensures our capability within sectors requiring high-level security, disaster recovery, governance and compliance, and often delivering services under considerable time pressure.

Clients choose Excite IT to:

  • Support the smooth-running of business operations,
  • Achieve maximum system effectiveness, and
  • Provide effective cost management.

By talking with business managers we’ve heard what people want from their IT providers: make it simple and effective, be responsive and reliable. That’s how we make doing business easy – by enabling our clients to outsource their IT activities to specialists so they can get on with their business. See what our clients have to say here.

We believe that the best client relationships are partnerships. We use flexible outsourcing solutions to match business needs, guaranteeing client satisfaction and clear return on investment (ROI). Our flexible pricing arrangements give clients budget certainty and control.

There are four things that make our company different:

  • Our experienced team offers both IT and business management expertise – this enables us to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ business and IT objectives in order to develop solutions to meet their unique requirements. We invest in a team that can offer clients technical skill as well as business insight.
  • We offer strategic and flexible services through a partnership approach created in response to our clients’ preferences – we integrate our core services and our strategic partnerships with other industry leaders in order to provide clients with customised solutions through our flexible engagement model.
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction is embedded in our culture rather than just part of a sales pitch – we emphasise cultural alignment with our clients and their people and manage the customer service performance of our whole team through a client-focused human resources system.
  • We take every opportunity to add measurable value and a clear return on investment – our broad range of services is backed by a commitment to delivering customer-focused, cost-effective, quality solutions that contribute to improving your overall profitability. We only take on projects where we are confident that we can deliver real value.

Our team welcomes the opportunity to work with you so please call us today on 1300 147 369.