Excite IT assists its clients in developing practical IT strategies and governance frameworks to support business operations. Our consulting services help businesses use technology to achieve their performance goals and leverage their competitive advantage.

Our team’s expertise allows us to apply best-practice techniques to create the most effective IT outcomes. The results: improved operational efficiency, streamlined processes and reduced costs.

We can support your business through the following services:

Our free, no-obligation IT effectiveness consultation gives you the opportunity to gain third party specialist advice tailored to your specific needs. Please call us today on 1300 147 369 or read more here.

Benefits to outsourcing with Excite IT:

  • Retain control of strategic decision-making while reducing overall management burden
  • Tap into our experience in solving similar problems for a variety of clients
  • Leverage our extensive investment in IT industry developments, technology and methodologies
  • Access specialised skills to refocus internal resources on core business


Strategic Planning

Developing IT strategies that:

  • Align with other organisational functions,
  • Identify clear actions,
  • Produce practical results, and
  • Create real value.

We use a proven strategic planning model that considers an organisation’s mission, objectives and situation analysis; identifies gaps, weaknesses and opportunities; and provides tailored recommendations.

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Improving the effectiveness of governance mechanisms and ensuring that IT considerations are fully integrated into business planning.

This includes:

  • Developing cohesive policies and processes that ensure IT investments generate maximum business value and minimum risk, and
  • Addressing controls in technologies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, information security and physical and environmental conditions.

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Project Management

Developing and overseeing clear project plans with quantified objectives, controls and regular reviews to satisfy business requirements and provide quality assurance.

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IT Portfolio Management

Prioritising IT investments by:

  • Balancing resource demands with budget constraints,
  • Delivering on planned initiatives and projects, and
  • Addressing ongoing IT requirements.

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Change Management

Delivering sustainable change programs that ensure continuity of operation and streamlined integration with a focus on measurable benefits and bottom line improvements.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Developing and implementing effective plans that allow appropriate recovery from disasters and/or unexpected disruptions and timely resumption of business operations.

Our rigorous process includes:

  • A risk and vulnerability assessment,
  • Development and deployment of the business continuity plan,
  • Testing and handover, and
  • Ongoing support where necessary.

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