Branch and Remote Office Solutions

If your business operates over several sites, whether across a number of Australian states or including international offices, you need a seamless IT system to support a multi-dimensional work environment. With today’s increasingly flexible workforce requirements businesses are also needing to provide IT systems that can be accessed anywhere in the world without needing a physical office. Our team has successfully created and deployed remote IT systems with services including:

  • Server virtualisation (using Symantec Solutions for VMware)
  • Virtual hosting services

We can integrate our remote IT services with any of our other strategy and/or system services to provide your business with an all encompassing IT solution.

Benefits to outsourcing with Excite IT

  • Improve organisational efficiency and support flexible work environments
  • Benefit from our expertise with delivering similar solutions and troubleshooting similar systems
  • Focus management energy on core business activities
  • Reduce investment in fixed infrastructure

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