Information about “Excite Mobile” and “Excite Australia”

Please be aware that Excite IT has no affiliation with ‘Excite Mobile’ or ‘Excite Australia’.  If you wish to contact this company please forward your queries to an ASIC representative.

Please click on the links below to read some articles regarding the above mentioned companies.

Article 1 : Court orders Excite Mobile to pay $455,000 for engaging in false, misleading and unconscionable conduct.

Article 2 : Excite Mobile found guilty of ‘outrageous’ customer deception.


Excite IT acquires itaba3 Business – 24/12/2010

It is with great pleasure to announce that Excite IT has successfully acquired the itaba3 (Intelligent Technology & Business Advisory) business as of 24 December 2010.

Over the past 12 months, Excite IT has been working extensively to build up its capabilities into Business Process Automation (BPA), Software Development, Remote Management Service methodologies, and various Virtualisation concepts and initiatives in the forever changing IT market.

This acquisition supplies the framework and building blocks for Excite IT to move forward with these initiatives while enabling it to deliver additional value added, complimentary and unyielding services to the existing and new customers of both itaba3 and Excite IT.

Fundamentally, the acquisition of itaba3 enables Excite IT to embrace the strong foundations established by itaba3 over the past 10 years and build upon those in order of achieving its long term goals.

I personally look at this acquisition as a major milestone in Excite IT’s tenure and a verification of its abilities and commitment to deliver exceptional service and growth.

An extensive amount of effort has been invested by many of the staff and it does not go without immense appreciation and a congratulations on a job well done.

2011 is a big and exciting year and I look forward to sharing the experience with the team, partners and customers.


Bryan Saba